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New Tech Will Cut Cannabis Drying Time By 90 Percent

CannabisProtein solutions group has developed organic dehydration technology that it says will revolutionize cannabis drying. The new technology will preserve the cellular structure inside the material and protect the temperature-sensitive molecules found in cannabis. The new product is called Protein Dried. Kaamos Inc., a Canadian biopharmaceutical company located and headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, has already signed a deal with PSG to sell the product technology to licensed Canadian producers.

UAHC Invests In SinglePoint, Inc.

UAHC Ventures, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United American Healthcare Corporation (“UAHC Ventures”), announced today that it has invested $600,000 with SinglePoint, Inc (OTC:SING) (“SING”) through the purchase of a Secured Promissory Note and Warrant.SING is developing a bitcoin sustem for the cannabis industry.

In exchange for UAHC Ventures’ investment, SING has issued UAHC Ventures both a Secured Convertible Promissory Note in the original principal amount of $670,000 and a warrant to purchase 5,000,000 shares of SING’s common stock. Monthly redemption payments due under the financing begin twelve months following the close of the transaction and may be made in cash or by converting redemption amounts into shares of SING’s common stock.


CBIS Research Results Reported In Frontiers in Oncology

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC PINK: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, has announced the full publication of initial research results on using nanoparticle drones to target lung cancer with radiosensitizers and cannabinoids in the world-renowned cancer research journal, Frontiers in Oncology. The article, “Nanoparticle drones to target lung cancer with radiosensitizers and cannabinoids”, addresses drug delivery, and highlights an innovative strategy to transport cannabinoids directly to cancer cells with minimal toxicities or side effects that have so far hampered clinical translation efforts. The article is an initial result of burgeoning CBIS collaborative work and speaks to a key conclusion from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2017 Report, on “The health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids: Current state of evidence and recommendations for research.”


Dozens of states are slowly experimenting with industrial hemp cultivation and processing, authorizing limited tests through land-grant universities. Not North Carolina.


Voters in Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough embraced the Interior’s cannabis industry Oct. 3, when they decisively shut down propositions A and 1.

Canada’s proposed tax on recreational marijuana looks to be a major win for pot producers.



Devastating Photos Show Wildfire’s Toll on a California Cannabis Farm.

Texas First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Set To Open In December.

Banking Still A Hurdle For Marijuana Entrepreneurs.



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