Get Trained. Go Ride.

Start your adventure by making the commitment to be a safe, responsible rider who does the right thing. The first thing to do is get formal training from a certified riding professional. They have the passion and experience to teach you and your family the foundational skills needed to be a safe and responsible rider. There is more to riding than just the physical demands of the vehicle. Riders also need to develop the mental skills and attitude to safely navigate the risks you will encounter out on the trails or roadways.

Where Do I Start?

Want to Learn to Ride Motorcycles?

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, the hands-on Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse℠ is the best way to learn the basics of operating a motorcycle on the road. This course is great for beginners. Visit msf-usa.org to find a class near you.

Want to Learn to Ride Dirt Bikes?

Learn to ride dirt bikes with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation DirtBike School. The course, for riders 6 and up, is a half-day, hands-on class that teaches riders the skills they need to ride off-highway motorcycles. Visit dirtbikeschool.org to find a DirtBike School near you.

Want to Learn to Ride ATVs?

Take the ATV Safety Institute’s ATV RiderCourse℠! It’s a fun, half-day, hands-on class where you and your family can learn to ride an ATV in a controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed Instructor. Visit atvsafety.org to reserve your seat.

Want to Learn to Ride ROVs?

You can learn to drive side-by-sides with the Basic DriverCourse℠ offered by the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association. This class offers students three hours of driving time and teaches the basic skills needed to enjoy your adventures off-highway.