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    Renters Insurance

    All carriers are A.M. Best rated A or higher. Not all business will qualify and may not be available in all states. The Underwriting and Coverage options below are a general summary. Coverage may vary depending on the state and risk. Please contact your Account Executive for details specific to your risk.

    Insurance for Farm and Ranch

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    Renters (Online Quoting)

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Renters of apartments, condos and other rented dwelling premises
    • Protection class 1-9
    • Located in coastal areas (excluding wind & hail coverage)
    • Seasonal, secondary and short-term rentals
    • Individuals, trusts, limited and family partnerships, and LLCs acceptable
    • Up to one prior loss in the past 3 years

    Ineligible Risks

    • Risks located in AK, AL, CA, FL, HI, KY, LA, MS, or WV
    • Vacant units
    • Units with wood stoves, space heaters or temporary heating devices
    • Business exposures, child care, or farm exposures
    • Protection class 10
    • Risks used as rooming or boarding houses or as subsidized or student housing
    • Used as subsidized housing, rooming house, or living/group living facilities
    • Undergoing renovation
    • Plumbing systems with galvanized pipes
    • Knob and tube and aluminum wiring
    • Electrical systems with less than 100 amp service
    • Electrical systems utilizing fuses

    Available Limits

    Limits up to:
    – $500,000 for Coverage A
    – $200,000 for Coverage C
    – $200,000 for Coverage D
    – $50,000 for Loss Assessment
    – $1,000,000 fo Liability
    – $5,000 for Medical Payments

    Submission Requirements

    • Completed & signed application