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    Special Events

    All carriers are A.M. Best rated A or higher. Not all business will qualify and may not be available in all states. The Underwriting and Coverage options below are a general summary. Coverage may vary depending on the state and risk. Please contact your Account Executive for details specific to your risk.

    Insurance for Farm and Ranch

    Eligibility Criteria

    • One day, multi-day or annual event policies
    • Events with up to 10,000 attendees or 10,000 alcohol consumers per day
    • Most common classes include the following:
      • Beer gardens
      • Competitions
      • Concerts
      • Conventions
      • Trade shows
      • Festivals
      • Fundraisers
      • Motor vehicle events
    • Musical performances
    • Parades
    • Parties
    • Picnics
    • Rodeos
    • Shows
    • Sporting events

    Ineligible Risks

    • Mechanical rides or devices
    • Features firearms or fireworks (not applicable to vendor at the event that is not involved with firearms or fireworks)
    • On-water events such as boating and fishing
    • Medical treatment or health screenings
    • Bonfires
    • War re-enactments
    • Liquor coverage requested in AL, IA, IL, MS, OR, RI

    Available Limits

    • General liability up to $3,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate depending on number of attendees
    • Liquor liability up to $3,000,000 each common cause/$3,000,000 aggregate depending on number of alcohol consumers and state

    Submission Requirements

    • Completed & signed application