The Ideal Candidate

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Pinot’s Palette Team?

DSC_0597smallPinot’s Palette® is looking for qualified candidates who want to own a rewarding painting and wine business; someone who has the motivation of an entrepreneur and the drive of an entertainer. The Pinot’s Palette brand attracts a diverse audience of customers, artists and franchise owners. From young to old, male, female and varying backgrounds –it’s your character that matters.

Pinot’s Palette is a favorite among women in business, who innately understand the entertainment function our studios provide in the growing network of franchises. Pinot’s Palette is one of the best franchises for women looking for a rewarding experience and financial independence. Follow the link to learn more about our women franchise owners and the women in business benefits of owning a Pinot’s Palette studio.
Women in Business

We look for individuals with specific skills:

The candidates we’re looking for should have good people skills, values that fit comfortably within our culture, and the ability to provide leadership in their studio and generate goodwill in the community. Artistic background is not required; your responsibility is management. Financially, Pinot’s Palette® requires that all of our partners have a minimum of $80k of liquid assets.


This estimate covers the following costs associated with starting a business:


Franchise Fee

Business Licenses
+ Permits


Fixtures, Furnishings
+ Equipment


Architect +
Engineering Fees

Rent, Security Deposits,
+ Utility Deposits

Other Professional



Grand Opening

Initial 3 Months of
Operating Capital