Implementing technology requires teamwork. One of Formtran’s core competencies is working with project stakeholders to design and implement a solution that meets everyone’s requirements. We use over 30 years of experience to provide a full range of professional planning, implementation, and support services.


Consulting | Customer service | Enterprise services | Form design | Custom programming | Technical support | Training


Getting help from an expert is wise advice in any field. Particularly with technology, the rate of change is so fast that specialization is a must. Formtran focuses on only a few key technologies so we can know them inside and out.

Customer Service

Formtran’s experienced customer service team works hard to help customers get the maximum value from their application solutions.

Enterprise Services

Solving an enterprise business problem means understanding the environment in which the solution needs to work. Formtran understands our enterprise customers have a range of complex challenges:

Form Design

Form design is the single largest factor that will influence the success of any paper or electronic forms processing solution. Improper form layout can render even the most sophisticated system useless.

Custom Programming

ustom programming can benefit any project by providing modifying existing applications to fit your exact needs. Outsourcing programming work is often valuable given our expertise in certain tools, especially during new projects.

Technical support

A quick phone call to a knowledgeable support person can save you hours of frustration. Our staff of experienced professionals is always dedicated to helping you with your hardware or software challenges.


There is no substitute for one-on-one attention. Formtran recognizes this and offers professional hands-on training customized to your needs. Realistic training with your system and your challenges makes every minute of training valuable. Bedding in any third-party software product that needs analytics, reporting or data visualization.