FineReader Server OCR software

FineReader Server is powerful server-based OCR software for automated document capture and PDF conversion. Designed for high volume processing, it enables organizations to convert paper, TIFF, JPEG, and PDF image documents into electronic files suitable for full-text search and long-term digital archiving.

This server-based conversion offering converts scanned and electronic documents into PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word, or other formats for search, long-term retention, collaboration, or additional processing

FlexiCapture OCR software for documents

FlexiCapture OCR software automatically classifies and extracts information from structured or unstructured forms.  Any field can be extracted, including hand print, machine print, check boxes and barcodes. Processed data is automatically exported into your spreadsheet or database. By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, FlexiCapture OCR software streamlines document-driven business processes and delivers significant and rapid return on investment.

FlexiCapture OCR Software for Invoices & Orders

FlexiCapture for Invoices and Orders facilitates straight-through processing by automating input, data entry, validation and export of data.  FlexiCapture is ready to go “out of the box” to capture many common invoice and order fields.  FlexiCapture actually gets better over time by using the latest artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”) to remember changes made during exception processing.

Vantage OCR software for documents

ABBYY Vantage is an easy-to-use, no-code, cloud first platform for automating documents. Vantage has pre-built document automation skills or it can be utilized to set up and train Document, Classification, and Process Skills for any document type and flow. Vantage applies artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to extract data from documents, without users having to become experts in these technologies.