FlexiCapture For Invoices & Orders

FlexiCapture for Invoices and Orders is an “out of the box” solution that reduces inefficiencies, errors and costs associated with manual processing by automating capture, sorting, extraction, validation and data export for invoices and orders.

Benefits compared to manual processing 

  • 400% increase in employee productivity
  • 91% lower processing costs
  • 81% faster processing time

Software Features

Ready “out of the box”

Invoice and purchase order projects are preconfigured with the fields, rules, country settings, and validation rules required to capture standard data fields.  Custom fields can easily be added without any coding.

Single template solution

Recognizes and extracts data from almost any invoice or order format with a single template

Works for multiple invoice types

Works for multiple invoice document types including invoices, credit memos, vendor statements and utility bills

Automatically validates key fields

Instant lookup and validation for key fields including business unit, vendor, purchase order number, part number, VAT number

Intuitive exception processing

Time spent on exception processing can be reduced to a minimum thanks to an intuitive browser  interface, which guides the user through the fields that require attention. Smart value suggestions and other useful features facilitate effective data verification.

Trainable line item data extraction

FlexiCapture for Invoices and Orders supports line item extraction, including multi-line descriptions, multiple pages, and inconsistent column headers. Line items can be trained to extract only required data and to ignore other information.

Improves over time

While you use the software, it starts learning by feedback on your documents. The more you use the solution, the better quality of results you get.   As opposed to “black-box”-like self-learning systems, FlexiCapture for Invoices and Orders gives IT staff full control over the training results.

Automatic input and output

Invoices arriving at your organization via mail are captured and processed without any manual intervention.  Export of data and images is automatic after all fields have been validated.

Global support

Works for any country or language

FlexiCapture for invoices and orders has five simple steps

  1. Pickup of PDF invoices or orders from email, FTP or folders
  2. Sorting of documents by type
  3. Data extraction, validation and formatting
  4. Exception review if required
  5. Data and image export