Feed your RPA process with data extracted from documents

RPA software needs data to start working and often that data resides in documents.  OCR software feeds RPA so the robots can do their work. The integration of OCR and RPA increases the number of projects beyond what can be done only with RPA.

OCR works with any document

Advanced OCR with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can benefit RPA projects by extracting data from semi-structured documents like invoices or unstructured documents like contracts.  In most projects, the RPA software feeds a document to the OCR application.  The OCR application extracts the metadata and sends it to the RPA software which uses the data to make a decision on the next step.

Implement RPA faster

OCR software gets RPA projects going more quickly by providing pre-built solutions for common automation projects, including invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and contracts.  Other document types can be rapidly developed using point and click design that requires no coding.

Extract more data

Using specialized OCR software provides unique capabilities for extracting data from documents.  Advanced document processing tools include check box recognition, barcode recognition, handprint recognition, table extraction, field level data validation, and field level data normalization.  A human based validation screen can also be used if required.

OCR helps RPA with complex document automation

  • Multiple document types
  • Complex document “sets”
  • Different formats for the same document
  • Multiple language documents
  • Human validation required
  • Field level validations
  • Variable page documents
  • Automatic field level modifications
  • Field level redaction
  • Unstructured documents