Enterprise Services

Solving an enterprise business problem means understanding the environment in which the solution needs to work. Formtran understands our enterprise customers have a range of complex challenges:

  • Coordination across multiple sites
  • Processing a significant number of transactions daily
  • Adherence to multiple regulatory statutes in different geographies
  • Need to be operational 24X7
  • Integration with existing application and technology infrastructure

Integration with existing application and technology infrastructure

Planning for a disaster is common sense. Formtran can help you build a plan to ensure that your system is operational in the event of a disaster.

High Availability Systems

Maintaining uptime is essential to enterprise-level systems and Formtran can help you free your system of single points of failure.


Formtran can help you connect to any of line of business applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. either on-premise or in the cloud.


Formtran will help you to ensure your system is running at 100% by using all of the monitoring and reporting tools at your disposal.


Formtran will work with you on security issues including secure transmission, encryption, user rights, and document security to ensure compliance with regulations and provides worry free operation for users and IT departments.

Web Services

Formtran has extensive experience designing and implementing custom web services to meet specific project requirements.

Workflow design

Using technology to complete business processes is faster, less expensive and more consistent than manual processing. Formtran has a strong history of delivering workflow solutions that handle the most complex processes.