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FineReader OCR Uses

  • Make document archives searchable
  • Ensure document compliance with government or corporate regulations
  • Convert SharePoint files to searchable documents
  • Translate foreign language documents

FineReader OCR Features

  • Excellent recognition on any document type in 190 languages
  • Scalable to any volume with unlimited pages and processing cores
  • Connect to existing on-premise or cloud systems via API interface

Flexible licensing options

  • Perpetual or one-time use
  • Page count or unlimited pages
  • Core count or unlimited cores
  • On-premise or cloud processing

Email now to connect with a FineReader expert about your needs.

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FineReader Software Product Details

OCR for Microsoft Office Applications

FineReader OCR for Microsoft Office converts files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other formats into searchable PDF and PDF/A documents for long-term archiving.

SharePoint OCR Integration

FineReader OCR for SharePoint crawls SharePoint libraries and automatically converts documents into searchable PDF files, as well as leaving the originals in place if needed.

Compress PDF files

FineReader Server OCR compresses PDFs to minimize file size while preserving quality. FineReader OCR Server supports PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2u, and PDF/A-3a formats.

Barcode Recognition

FineReader Server reads 1D and 2D barcodes to enable document separation and addition of metadata.


FineReader Server OCR connects easily with digital archives or enterprise content management systems via XML tickets, COM-based APIs, and web service APIs.

OCR for Email

FineReader Server can OCR MSG or OCR EML message files and is compatible with MS Exchange, POP3 and IMAP servers for files and attachments.

API OCR Integration

Connect OCR to COM APIs or OCR to web service APIs.

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