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Formtran works with many organizations to provide efficient and accurate data collection solutions. We can help you collect your valuable data and turn it into accessible information, information to help you make important decisions.


Associations across the country are being asked to expand programs and services, while facing the challenges of holding down administration costs. Members expect improved service and program delivery, often without increased dues or expenses. Formtran understands the need for associations to “do more with less.” Data must be collected, analyzed, reported, and stored. Formtran is uniquely qualified to meet your data collection needs. We offer proven tools and solutions that can be implemented immediately, with quality you can depend on and results you can measure.

    • Member Attitude/Member Demographic Surveys
    • Member Enrollment
    • Balloting
    • Census Services
    • Conference/Course Enrollment
    • Conference Evaluation
    • Testing and Certification
    • Instructor/Presenter Evaluation
    • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Large and small organizations trust Formtran to help administer their customer satisfaction programs, test and train their employees, and help streamline payroll processes. Whether you want to collect data with paper or electronic forms, we can help you use automated data collection technology to its fullest potential.

  • Applications
  • Employee Forms
  • Enrollments
  • Invoices
  • Order forms
  • Product registration
  • Surveys
  • Tests
  • Timesheets
  • Training

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No budget, more kids and more interference. This is education today. Ask Formtran to help improve processes so you can do more with less. If you need to get information from students, faculty, or parents, we can help. We will work within your financial, cultural and infrastructure constraints to provide a solution that works for everyone.

    • Attendance
    • Course evaluation
    • Enrollments
    • Financial aid
    • Registrations
    • Surveys
    • Tests

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Winning and keeping customers is a constant challenge for financial organizations. Leading financial organizations use Formtran to accelerate the processing of loan and credit applications, automate the scan and indexing of contracts, signature cards and deeds and to implement affordable customer survey/satisfaction programs.

Let’s take loan applications. Automated forms solutions can speed the processing of applications by 90% or more – saving time and improving customer service. Many customers are able to collect, score and respond to loan applications within 8 minutes.

  • Customer surveys
  • Loan applications
  • Credit card applications
  • New accounts
  • Internal compliance forms

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Formtran works with federal, state, and local government agencies to improve service, quality, streamline operations, and reduce costs. We provide the solutions that offer hardware, software and services that speed the delivery of information and services to a diverse set of constituents. Our ability to provide in-house or outsourced solutions gives us the edge in understanding what is best for you, our customer. We connect government to people, and people to government.

    • Law Enforcement
    • Department of Corrections/Judicial
    • Emergency Personnel (EMT and Fire)
    • Training & Workforce Development
    • Do Not Call Services
    • Tax returns
    • Voter registration records
    • Homeland security forms (e.g., universal patient enrollment)
    • Census forms

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The healthcare industry has many forms and documents that are typically keyed in manually. Manual input of patient and provider information, diagnosis and treatment codes, and other critical data into acceptable database formats is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Using the right technology can provide a high return whether you see 100 patients or 1,000 patients per day. We have developed systems for outcomes measurement, patient satisfaction surveys, quality and risk management reporting and clinical trials information systems.

  • Admission forms
  • Anesthesia report forms
  • Blood donor cards
  • Chart reviews
  • Claim forms (HCFA/UB92)
  • Clinical research
  • Consent forms
  • Dietary forms
  • Discharge forms
  • Disease management
  • Drug usage
  • Encounter forms
  • Event report forms
  • Lab intake forms
  • Nurse staffing / scheduling
  • OR scheduling
  • Outcome measurement
  • Patient / Physician / Employee surveys
  • Patient acuity / history / enrollment
  • Timecards


Formtran has developed and delivered order entry solutions for school and sports photographers. Automating photography order forms reduces errors and improves productivity, especially during busy times of the year. Once order data is lifted from the form, it can be formatted and exported to most photography information management systems. Images of each order form can also be exported to a search and retrieval system to help improve customer service by finding records faster.

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Public Health

Fast, accurate data collection and reporting is critical for public health agencies charged with gathering and managing information for community, environmental and emergency preparedness programs. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 forms per day, you can work faster and smarter by using technology to automate data collection and reporting of your critical forms. Formtran’s software systems give you the power to gather and manage data for any project and scale quickly from low volume daily use to high volume emergency use. Automating your data collection, processing, research and reporting provides faster, better data collection while reducing your costs and improving your accuracy. Formtran has implemented high quality, high value data systems for state, county and city public health departments throughout the United States.

  • Season and pandemic flu
  • Bioterrorism
  • Disease prevention
  • Tobacco control
  • Air pollution
  • Water quality

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Transportation involves paperwork. Efficiently processing paperwork makes you more competitive. Whether you are a large or small company, Formtran can help you speed up billing and cash flow, reduce DSO, pay drivers faster and grow without adding headcount.

    • Bills of lading
    • Permits
    • Receipts
    • Timesheets
    • Trip sheets
    • Inspection forms
    • Expenses

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