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Enhance UiPath RPA with automated document processing.  Companies using UiPath need to process incoming electronic and paper documents.  Formtran’s OCR for UiPath solution automatically classifies incoming documents by type and extracts required metadata without manual intervention.

  • Eliminate manual sorting and manual data entry
  • Works with structured or unstructured documents
  • Instantly export data and images to UiPath and other systems
  • Works with all UiPath products


Example for OCR for UiPath Invoice Processing

ocr for netsuite formtran
  • Automatically extract invoice details without manual data entry
  • Process PDF invoices directly from email or any other source
  • Data can be sent to UiPath from a .csv file or a web service
  • Training for new vendors or new fields using simple point and click method
  • Automatic classification of invoice types and supporting documentation
  • Purchase order matching
  • Line item / table recognition
  • Verification via browser for exception processing