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Exporting your data and images is the fourth (and easiest) step in automating data collection. Once the computer knows what kind of document it is and what fields are populated, it becomes easy to automatically file the document and send the data where it’s needed. Formtran lets you easily connect to multiple destinations simultaneously and export exactly what you need to each.

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Data can be carved up and sent to multiple destinations in multiple locations on any platform. Formtran can work with any application that can accept data input.

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  • Direct to Microsoft Excel
  • ASCII (tab delimited, comma delimited, etc.)
  • ODBC (to Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc.)
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Web services
  • Direct to CRM or ERP software
  • Legacy applications
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Images can be output as binary objects to any database to instantly image enable any application.

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  • Output .pdf or .tif or other common formats
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • Any ODBC database
  • CRM or ERP systems
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