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Verifying recognized data is the third step in automating data collection. Questionable characters and invalid data need to be corrected prior to hitting your spreadsheet, database or other repository. Formtran offers powerful validation tools to make sure that your data is scrubbed the way you want.

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  • Static list validations
  • Live database checks
  • User-defined dictionaries
  • Contextual checking
  • Numeric range tests
  • User-defined character mapping
  • Date, currency, phone, address and other field-specific formatting
  • If/then logic
  • Search and replace within a field
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Additionally, Microsoft VBA is fully integrated, allowing you to extend validation requirements. Using VBA, you can build customized arithmetic comparisons, financial calculations, calls to external applications, complex skip and fill logic, and other business logic routines as well.

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if [ship_via]=”FED EX 1” then [ship_via]=”FX1”

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Validation tests can be completed centrally within the organization or configured for use by staff working remotely, enabling you to take advantage of the efficiencies gained by distributing your computing tasks as labor markets and volume dictates.

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Those forms and documents which do not pass validation tests, and any other exceptions, are intelligently routed to the right human operators to review and correct and can be escalated to research queues for review at a later time. Those forms and documents which did validate correctly can continue processing without delay.

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