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Formtran provides simple, powerful and affordable software for capturing and indexing information into document management systems, databases or other document repositories. Our scanning software is easy for users to learn and use, powerful enough for the IT department to rely on and affordable enough for any organization to implement.

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Technology has to be easy to be accepted. The scanning software can be pre-programmed with all required details. This allows users to scan in one step and eliminates support headaches for an IT department. Ease-of-use eliminates user errors, reduces training time and increases productivity.

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Technology has to be smart to be worthwhile. Formtran scanning software can recognize barcodes within a stack of documents and then separate the documents into smaller files. This provides fast, accurate, automatic filing of documents without any human intervention. Formtran scanning software can also translate any document using the latest OCR technology to provide a searchable PDF or Word document.

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Documents have to be secure when moved from one place to another. Formtran scanning software provides secure transmission and encryption of image files from the remote site to the central server. Secure transmission and encryption ensure compliance with rules and regulations and provides worry free operation for users and IT departments.

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Total cost of ownership over time is a major part of any software investment. Formtran scanning software has no click charges, minimal support costs and an affordable cost per user. This means one program that can do it all so you don’t need to purchase multiple pieces of software to capture and index your documents.

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